Commercial Glass

New and Existing Structures

With almost 40 years of product experience, problem solving and prompt service in the commercial glazing and commercial caulking industries, Missouri Glass continues to be the leader in glass and commercial caulking in the St. Louis metro area! Our team of experienced professionals know the importance of what it takes to exceed your expectations form start to finish. We know the value of punctuality, safety and product integrity, without sacrificing workmanship for new and existing commercial properties!

24 Hour Emergency Board Up Service
When an emergency arises, don’t stress-call Missouri Glass 24 hours, 7 days a week to get someone out immediately to secure your property. We will have a professional team come to ensure your building is secure.

Window Installation
Missouri Glass understands commercial window installation is one of the most important aspects of the integrity of your property! We pride ourselves on prompt and professional installation with as little disruption as possible to your tenants.

Aluminum Doors & Storefronts
Make a notable first impression with an aesthetically pleasing entrance! Our professionals install high quality new or replacement storefronts and doors. Whether it’s new construction, replacement storefronts or aluminum doors, our team will work with you to ensure your project is on time and utilizing innovative, high quality materials while maintaining the high standard customer service we’re known for. Our in-house fabrication shortens your lead time and allows for custom designs and installation!

Glass Replacement
Experience, safety and quality workmanship, along with competitive pricing, have been the core of Missouri Glass for almost 40 years! We devote ourselves to the continuance of perfection with regular safety, product and installation training. Countless building owners have trusted our services in the St. Louis metro area giving us the knowledge of many types of replacement glass. High rise buildings, offices, and stores are among the many buildings we’ve successfully helped improve throughout the years.

Tempered & Laminated Glass
One of the most crucial types of glass is safety glass, which helps to keep your building secure, safe and up to regulation. Available in a vast array of colors, sizes and thicknesses, our staff can provide you with guidance to best suit your needs. Laminates cut in-house to shorten your lead time.

Commercial Caulking
The leading cause of water infiltration is caulking failure. Water infiltration is costly! Precise caulking comes from experience, and our technicians are trained to do thorough commercial caulking projects. Let our expert team help you to keep your windows watertight.

Safety Glass
From fire rated, bullet resistant and wire glass, we can provide you with excellence in product and installation. We are diligent in keeping up with the latest safety products in the industry and understanding the importance in guiding you to select the right product for your needs. We also offer bullet resistant frames for you glass.

Fire Rated Glass
Ranging form 20 minutes to 3-hour applications, we have something to keep you safe. Product and installation are key to the success of fire rated glass! Fire rated glass is a very complex product that undergoes extensive testing. We have extensive experience in both the product and installation of fire rated glass to keep both your building and lives out of harm’s way.

Lexan, Plexiglass & Plate Glass
Available in a multitude of sizes, colors and thicknesses, our St. Louis Shop will custom cut your product and shorten your lead time!

Door & Window Repair
Keeping your property secure is vital, and we can help you achieve that through high quality materials such as pivots, hinges, closers, handles, thresholds, balances and locks so you can rest assured your building is always safe.