Why Are Mirrors So Expensive?

Why Are Mirrors So Expensive?

luxurious and expensive looking mirror with gold framing, resting onto of a white fireplace mantle decorated with flower pots on either side

These wonderful pieces of decor can serve both functional and design purposes, but why are certain mirrors so expensive? While not every situation calls for luxurious mirrors fit for a queen, they are definitely worth the investment! A quality and custom-cut mirror, such as what can be found at Missouri Glass, can make your home or office space feel more open, unique and welcoming.

Mirrors have been around for thousands of years and developed from polished obsidian to the crystal-clear glass mirrors that we know today. With time and growing technology, mirrors have transformed in not only appearance but also quality.

The process to create the perfect mirror may be streamlined as compared to hand-polished bronze thousands of years ago, but high-quality mirrors remain to be a labor of love that’s worth the price. But what determines the quality of a mirror? Various factors such as glass thickness, glass type, silvering, size and technology can all contribute to a mirror’s quality and worth of investment.

Features of a Quality Mirror

There are many features that can speak to the quality of a mirror. But the following are key features that may affect a mirror’s quality, longevity and investment value.

Mirror Thickness: The thickness of a mirror can have a great impact on the longevity and quality of a mirror. The recommended minimum thickness for a mirror is about ¼ inch thick. However, in places where an accurate image is everything, a mirror ¾ inch thick may be more appropriate (though it is heavier). While thin mirrors may seem economical, they often create a misshapen or less than flattering reflection.

Type of Glass: Now, we know what you’re thinking–there’s different types of glass? Yes! Different types of glass offer different levels of quality which translates to how clear and accurate the reflected image appears. Mirrors made with cheaper materials and aluminum backing (often referred to as second surface mirrors) will result in a less-than-accurate image. However, first surface mirrors with a silvered backing promise lasting quality and a crystal-clear reflection.

Lack of Impurities: A quality mirror, as mentioned previously, will produce a clear and accurate reflection (no funhouse mirrors here!). Cheap mirrors can often develop spots, creases or bubbles as a result of poor manufacturing and can scratch easily. However, quality mirrors often have an anti-scratch coating and meet higher production standards.

Added Technology: We’ve come a long way since mirrors were invented, especially in light of growing technology. Over the years, mirrors have been outfitted with natural light fixtures, touchscreens, anti-fog technology, magnification features and much more. All these bells and whistles can add to the overall price–but they are amazingly convenient!

Mirror Size: The size of a mirror has a significant effect on the expense, considering the added materials (for example a table-top vanity mirror versus a floor-to-ceiling mirror). This is especially true if a larger mirror requires custom cutting or professional installation. However, some spaces benefit greatly from a customized or larger mirror. Larger mirrors can serve many functional and aesthetic purposes. Mirrors such as these effectively reflect natural lighting and give the impression of a large space to influence the overall feel of the room.

Why Choose Quality Over Price?

Now that you have a greater understanding of what features speak to the quality of a mirror, why is this quality worth the price? Of course, not every situation calls for a high-quality and custom-designed mirror, but you will definitely see the difference between a low-budget mirror versus a mirror with quality silvering, substantial thickness and lack of impurities. If you see yourself using a mirror often, such as at a vanity or in the bathroom and want a truly unique piece of decor to last for a lifetime (if not longer), a higher-quality mirror is a perfect choice and worth the investment. For more information on customized, quality mirrors for both residential and commercial purposes, contact us today, and we hope that our explanation of why quality mirrors can be expensive (but worth it!) helps you find the perfect mirror for your space!

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